About us

“Kretingos šilumos tinklai” Ltd. started its activity on April 28, 1981, when Direction of United boiler-rooms and heating network of Kretinga district was established. On November 15, 1990, “Šiluma“ SE Kretinga district heating network was registered, from July 18, 1994, “Lietuvos valstybinė energetikos sistema“ SE Kretinga district heating network branch of Klaipėda heating network, and from September 6, 1996, “Lietuvos energija” Klaipėda heating network Kretinga district heating network, and from September 30, 1998, “Kretingos šilumos tinklai“ SP Ltd., and form December 8, 2003, the name of the company changed to “Kretingos šilumos tinklai“ Ltd.

Company‘s shareholders are Municipality of the Kretinga district – 74.99%, “Klaipėdos energija“ SE – 24.93% and private persons – 0.08%.

Company produces and sells heating energy to citizens and companies for heating of accommodations and preparation of hot water.

Company maintains 25 boiler-rooms having total capacity of 63 MW. Structure of technological fuel consists of: 85% of timber waste, 11% of natural gas, 4% of coal.

On the average 38 000 MWh of heating energy is realized per year. According to the economical groups consumers are: citizens – 67%, budgetary agency – 26%, business companies – 7%.


“Kretingos šilumos tinklai“ Ltd. Žalioji str. 3, LT-97145, Kretinga
Telephone: (8 445) 777 01
Fax (8 445) 77703
E-mail: info@kresiti.lt